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Refining Words, Crafting Pixels: Your Expert Copyediting and E-Book Formatting Solution


Our editors catch grammar and spelling errors before your book goes to press. Adhering to a strict editorial process, Stellar
copyeditors review your manuscript carefully, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax mistakes. In addition, they will
verify cross-references and impose industry-standard style considerations. And as always, with Stellar, you retain complete control
of your work because you are free to accept or reject the changes we suggest.


Price: $0.050 per word

The Stellar Manuscript Editing service combines three editorial services into one package: First, a developmental editor evaluates
the manuscript at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels and identifies big-picture areas that need work.

  • For fiction works, the editor will analyze the readership and genre to determine whether the content is appropriate. Then,
    things such as plot, pace, characterization, and dialogue will be closely examined.
  • For nonfiction titles, the editor will analyze the possible uses of the work to determine that the content is complete and
    appropriate, concepts are developed adequately, and the material is well-organized. The editor will ensure that all lists,
    graphs, and illustrations are used effectively throughout the book.

Once big-picture changes have been made, a free Content Edit begins the second step. The content editor will check the manuscript
for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Finally, the manuscript will receive a Quality Review to ensure it is editorially sound before it goes into production.

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While we strive to provide exceptional services to our customers, we do not guarantee book sales or success as outcomes of our services. Results may vary depending on various factors beyond our control, including market conditions and individual efforts.