Consultation & Management

We make sure to provide you quality consultation all throughout the process and manage your book in the market. After you rebrand your book as you as the new publisher, we’ll help you endorse and reposition your book in the market for 12 months.

Marketing Services

If you want to your book branding to be anywhere in the corner, you need a marketing strategy to enhance sales potential. Our in-house Marketing Consultants and Agents can advise you on which of our huge range of marketing services best fit your genre, personal goals, and marketing needs.

Add-on Services

Formatting and design are key elements to the readability and overall impact of your book. You can customize your book appearance and readability with a wide variety of additional services designed to perfect your project.

Editorial & Translation Services

Creating a professional manuscript can take months, or even years. Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced writer, our professional in-house editors and transaltors can help you improve and enhance the quality, readability and appearance of your book.