Publisher Weekly Advertisement

Publishers Weekly Advertisement

Price: $4500 1 SLOT

Stellar Literary Press and Media have partnered with Publisher’s Weekly, a global publication providing unparalleled reach to an enthusiastic audience of publishing professionals and devoted consumers worldwide. From booksellers and publishers to librarians, educators, and distributors, PW serves every segment involved in the book business and covers every aspect from creation to sales.

With a print readership of 68,000 and an online audience of 14 million annual unique users, PW is the most visible and trusted publication on the market. Readers rely on PW for its renowned reviews (9,000 annually), highly influential announcements issues, breaking news, exclusive author interviews, and U.S. and international trade show reporting. As the most powerful and effective brand in the business, PW provides unparalleled reach into a critical market of industry insiders, key decision-makers, and a rapidly growing consumer segment. PW’s multiple channels offer comprehensive turnkey options for integrated marketing campaigns that drive traffic, generate new leads, and build brand awareness. With its print issues, website, podcasts, and ten dedicated e-newsletters, not to mention a social media following unrivaled in the industry of 1.15 million, PW is an apparent authority and the premier vehicle to connect you to the exact audience you want to reach.

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